Pager Systems

We are able to supply all customers as part of a comprehensive suite of services, or a one off contract with the provision of a response pager system to the hard of hearing or designated fire marshals.
The main use of our pager is to adhere to DDA regulations, and provide people with impaired hearing a device to know a fire alarm has been activated, where the fire alarm is and what to do in the case of an emergency.

In addition to this, our pager systems ensure that each fire alarm notification can be dealt with quickly, correctly and efficiently, allowing a fire marshal who may possess a pager to determine where the alarm has been triggered on the loop, and assess its validity quickly. This helps prevent the lag time between the notification of an alarm and calling emergency services, should the trigger be genuine.

Our paging is system is a wireless, high specification piece of equipment that can send customised messages to a pager, and sufficient to cover small and large buildings alike.