Fire Extinguisher Servicing

In the event of a fire, the fire can and will spread quickly. As much as fire detection systems are life critical parts of your building, sometimes hand to hand action is required to stop an existing fire before it does inconceivable damage.
At Morris Churchfield, we provide a fully compliant fire extinguisher installation service to any existing or potential clients, as a part of a full suite of our other services or as an individual contract. An example of the scope of our work is with Bristol University, one of our biggest Fire Extinguisher servicing clients, where we provide fire extinguisher services to all major sites at the university in alignment with their estates team.
As with our fire maintenance and support, we then follow up with routine maintenance visits, fully compliant to current standards and factoring in the life-critical health & safety requirements that business / building needs to consider. All extinguishers are Kite marked and fully certified, BAFE approved BS EN3 units.